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 Fellowship Development (FD), a part of CVIANA’s Public Relations Subcommittee, undertakes the work of what was once called “Outreach” and was a   separate subcommittee before everything amalgamated under the PR umbrella.


 The purpose of Fellowship Development is to assist isolated or troubled NA groups within the Central Vancouver Island Area, by providing information   and support through literature and/or attendance. FD reaches out and informs groups about the benefits of being involved in the service structure, sub-   committees, events, etc.


 FD also helps those interested in starting new meetings within the territory of Central Vancouver Island by providing startup kits, possible mentoring and   offering suggestions based on   previous experience of members.


 Main purpose of Fellowship Development is to help overcome the isolation that hinders the growth and survival of our groups.... aimed at bringing   geographically isolated NA members into the larger community…efforts range from supporting groups that are far away to informing members that local   groups need support. Members engaging in Fellowship Development to isolated groups can promote re-involvement through direct, open discussion of   concerns. Fellowship Development work is done to end isolation and promote growth, not to spread homogeneous approach to recovery in NA. Overall   it should encourage service work and the structure of Fellowship Development should reflect locally identified needs. Fellowship Development can be   involved in providing communications, support, and some limited services to these meetings and groups. The services they provide may include   establishing and maintaining some form of ongoing communication, regular visits, sharing experience about services issues, sharing information on   how and where to order literature and register with the WSO, and providing information about other meetings that may be nearby.


 There is a volunteer list for those interested in the idea of ‘road trips’ to meetings in need  of support.


 For more information on Fellowship Development, starting a meeting, any support that can  be provided, or you would like to volunteer, please   contact:  fellowshipliaison@cviana.ca



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